All gardeners need tomato cages. This is why.

Tomato cages and why all tomato plants need them? 

There are two basic types of tomato plants. Determinate and Indeterminate. Most gardeners grow both types and both types need tomato cages.


Roma tomato

Determinate tomato plants will grow as tall as four feet. These plants will produce fruit at approximately the same time period. Usually over two to three weeks. Once they produce their main crop production can fall off. These plants are not as tall as the Indeterminate tomatoes, but you will still need tomato cages to support them and keep the fruit off the ground. This will avoid spoilage and will make it much easier to pick the fruit.  A lot of paste type tomatoes are Determinate. Examples of these are Roma, Amish Paste, Big Mamma and Super Italian Paste. There are many more. These tomatoes are great for spaghetti sauce, salsa, ketchup, tomato sauce etc.

Indeterminate tomato plants will continue growing all season and can reach a height of twelve feet. These plants will continue to blossom and produce fruit until frost. They will need a strong, sturdy and tall tomato cage to support their weight and height. Examples of Indeterminate tomato plants are, Big Boy, Brandywine, Beefmaster, Beefsteak,Super Sweet 100 and Early Girl. We use these tomatoes for juice, basil tomatoes, stewed tomatoes and chili.


indeterminate and determinate tomato plants from our 2015 garden

The EZ Tomato Cage is a good option when it comes to tall, sturdy support for large plants. The garden cages are 59 inches tall and 15 inches wide. The patio cage is 59 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. The EZ tomato cage works well with both determinate and indeterminate tomato plants. With the 24 inch extensions you can make your 15 inch diameter cage as tall as you want. The Cages can also be used for other plants. Check out the EZ Tomato Cage YouTube video at


We are excited about our new 2016 tomato crop (which is just starting) . We hope you will follow our blog as we continue to make posts and keep in touch as to how our garden grows.