The EZ Tomato Cage Story:

Years ago I built my own wooden tomato cages, 24 to be exact. They were sturdy and looked nice in the garden. I like to grow indeterminate tomato plants. The tomato plants were growing up to 8’ tall. I spent a lot of time adding taller supports as the tomatoes continued to grow.

One sunny afternoon in June, I was checking out my garden when my cell phone rang. It was my stepson, Brian, telling me how disgusted he was with the tomato cages he bought at the store. He explained to me that they were flimsy, and didn’t support the plants. I said, “I’ll make you some wooden cages like mine.” At this point I am looking proudly at the tomatoes in my garden that have grown past the tops of my cages and realized my wooden cages were not the answer to his problem or mine.

My original concept was a tall sturdy cage that would be quick and easy to setup, collapsible and store in a minimal amount of space. After enlisting the aid of a good friend, fellow gardener, and now business partner, Mark, we worked off the original concept, made several prototypes from different materials, and created the E Z Tomato Cage.

E Z Tomato Cages are not just for growing tomatoes. So, please be creative! Use them for growing other plants also. Have fun gardening. Your comments on our cages are welcome. Please contact us at ezcage@hotmail.com.


Your Fellow Gardener,